Digitising incident management to improve train safety in dense areas

  • Tech

    27 July 2022

Digitalisation de la gestion des incidents

To help it meet the extremely stringent requirements applying in densely-populated areas, SNCF Réseau commissioned Scalian to develop a proof of concept to improve the operational management of rail signalling incidents.

The tool aims to assist Traffic and Maintenance operators by automatically identifying incidents, and immediately calculating alternative routes to maintain the traffic flow.

In addition, the process for tracking incidents and the actions taken by all the various stakeholders has also been digitised, ensuring compliance with procedures.

The system was successfully tested on SNCF Réseau’s traffic supervision simulators in April 2019 and is now part of a major programme to overhaul the operational management of rail traffic.

The programme began in 2013 and will take about 20 years to complete.

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