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    25 September 2019

Sanofi serialisation

On the first floor of the Scalian agency in Haillan, South-West France, the Pharma and SANOFI platforms have become key technical partners for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Maxence VOYENNE and Robin GOUENARD, Operational Manager and Project Manager respectively, talked to us about this unique set-up.
“We’ve been working with Sanofi since 2014 to validate their serialisation solution and provide functional support. Serialisation is one of the links in the strategy to ensure drug security. It involves attributing a unique serial number to each drug through an ECC 200 data matrix. This identifier ensures traceability from the production line to the point of delivery. It is a complex programme, since regulations and use differ from one country to the next. This is the international backdrop for the projects in which we are involved, F3 and F2/D2. These fully interfaced solutions require extensive testing campaigns to guarantee efficiency, robustness and stability on the production lines.

The role of our Test team, which is made up of five testing and functional experts, is to approve new versions. It carries out impact analysis and prepares the corresponding test strategy while making sure that test cases are correctly drafted and executed as part of a stringent approval process. This project interacts with an additional activity: Support. Here, we have a team of seven people liaising continuously with 30 production sites around the world. These sites run 300 production lines and issue millions of serial numbers every day. Our team supports users in deploying and configuring the solution at the different sites. It analyses the major incidents reported by the anomaly monitoring system and finds solutions.”

The Pharma platform was set up in 2016 and now employs seven people. Its role is to address other issues faced by SANOFI and Zentiva in processing changes to a number of different applications for managing production orders or packaging drugs. Several new activities recently started to revise obsolete components and transfer operations to the cloud.

“Our role involves introducing new technologies such as Angular and Sprint Boot, and using agile methods for the transfer to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud.”

For both of these tasks, the main objective of Maxence and Robin is to improve performance as part of a long-term approach. The second objective is to create synergies between the two platforms in order to carry out joint assignments. This is already the case today, since they are currently reengineering an application.

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