How to secure your ramp-up phases?

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    2 August 2022

Sécuriser les phases de ramp-up

One of the main challenges that the manufacturing industry faces is the ability to maintain and secure their level of performance and quality during ramp-up phases.

The major actors of the aeronautics industry require their suppliers to ramp up or ramp down within very short timeframes, while ensuring performance levels are maintained.

One solution is to put in place a structured methodology which, through a series of milestones, will secure the ramp-up phase and ultimately enable significant gains to be made in industrial performance.

This methodology can be applied to any type of structure, irrespective of size or sector. If applied in combination with the supply chain management tools already in place, rolling out this work method imposes no constraints on manufacturers. Each milestone is associated with deliverables and key elements to be secured in the production process.

This method, inspired by quality and supply chain standards such as APQP, Capacity Planning and Run@Rate, helps prevent the risks associated with the early stage of a project. The system can then undergo a “stress test” by gradually ramping up production in real conditions. These graduated tests precisely measure the stress induced on the system as a whole and the improvement in performance level.

This methodology, developed by Scalian and supported by a computerized system, provides real-time access to the data necessary for ramp-up management.

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Benoît Tridon

Industrial Performance Service Line Director