Improving diagnoses to help take vital decisions

  • Expertise

    28 July 2022


Improving the safety of high-risk industrial sites through a remote monitoring solution to detect gas leaks.

Improving the safety of high-risk industrial sites using a remote monitoring solution to detect gas leaks. This is the aim of the TADI (Transverse Anomaly Detection Infrastructure) programme set up by TOTAL’s R&D department, managed by a «control room». TADI is a genuine experimentation lab to simulate the most common leak scenarios. This control room should make it possible to anticipate risks and prevent accidents, for example on oil and gas platforms and high risk production sites.

The aim is to detect any leaks, malfunctions or equipment failures, through real-time detection. The detection system uses a process that collects information from the equipment (IoT, air analysis, thermal analysis, computer vision detection, etc.), then stores the information, analyses the data and displays the analysis results on control screens, using DataViz tables with alerts.

Several dozen suppliers have been invited to test their equipment, and optical or acoustic data-capture instruments, using the associated detection algorithms.

Scalian was in charge of the data component of the project. The challenge was to capture, store and make the measurement data available in real time, taking into account the technical challenges in terms of the volume, variety and speed. Another challenge was to integrate and manage several artificial intelligence modules and make them work together in a single system capable of delivering coherent, readable information to the operator.

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