A ‘smart catalogue’ to transform purchasing processes and tools

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    29 July 2022

Smart Catalogue ou comment digitaliser les processus Achats

Bringing suppliers and purchasing departments closer together while capitalising on new digital practices is one of the major challenges for Scalian.

This is why the Group has developed the «Smart Catalogue», a collaborative tool shared between its clients’ purchasing departments and their suppliers. This solution provides authorised internal users with a set of approved products or services in the form of electronic catalogues in SAAS mode.

The objective is to:

  • Facilitate and optimise the purchasing process,
  • Improve the user experience of the solution’s internal clients through an adapted, standardised interface,
  • Enable buyers and internal clients to refocus on activities with greater added value.

The solution is the result of close collaboration between Scalian’s Operations Performance and Digital Systems divisions. It combines purchasing expertise and digital know-how to serve clients more efficiently. The hosting and IT outsourcing services are provided by the teams at Scalian DS through a Cloud solution.

Beyond its functional aspects, the e-platform collects all the data generated, making it possible to produce consumption-tracking reports and analyse user pathways in order to improve the use.

The platform was deployed at AIRBUS in December 2018 under the name of «Punch Out». CMT+ Scalian was thus the first service provider to outsource, host and manage its initial catalogue of services in collaboration with AIRBUS Purchasing.

Drawing on this experience, and in line with AIRBUS’s purchasing strategy, Scalian will migrate all its approved catalogues to this new platform by the end of 2019. With the agreement of AIRBUS, Scalian Group aims to support all other suppliers of products and services who would like to use this solution.

Moreover, the Smart Catalogue has been presented to some of our clients in the aeronautics, space and energy sectors. In line with their strategy concerning the digital transformation of their purchasing processes, the solution could be deployed in 2020.

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