Scalian nearshore services centre for PSA

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    25 September 2020


Scalian sets up a nearshore service centre in Spain for PSA.

The Scalian Group was already working on IT projects for PSA. The vehicle manufacturer had already identified us as a preferred key partner for high-level specification and acceptance activities, with another supplier taking responsibility for development.

In 2019, PSA decided to strengthen its partnership with Scalian in order to meet objectives relating to competitive edge, cost-cutting and agility. Around one hundred employees, technical and functional architects, project analysis consultants, product owners, product testers and TPAM support teams already work for PSA every day, on a fully outsourced basis, from our agency in Paris.

In line with its client’s strategy, Scalian recently signed an agreement covering the business lines and activities that will be carried out on a nearshore basis with Scalian Spain.

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