Big Data: AI and Blockchain, a winning duo to accelerate supply chain flow

  • Innovation

    2 November 2018

The supply chain will benefit from the power of new generation applications built on the blockchain combined with artificial intelligence.

The blockchain and AI are both disruptive innovations that could potentially be key technologies for industry, particularly in terms of the supply chain.

The following is an example of how they are used, illustrating their benefits in strengthening trust between suppliers and purchasers: How do you guarantee a smooth trade flow while improving mutual trust between supply chain actors?

The blockchain offers the possibility of permanently storing «smart contracts» that are automatically executed when specific conditions are in place. This possibility aligns the interests of the entire logistics chain and accelerates transactions at critical product transition points in the flow (automatic customs declarations and receipts, for example), thereby stimulating mutual trust.

Today, AI is used to confirm to purchasers that procedures, norms and standards are respected, highlighting any irregularity almost instantly based on the available and irrefutable evidence recorded in the blockchain.

AI therefore helps identify irregularities in transactions stored in the blockchain, offering supply chain actors an unprecedented decision-support tool.

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Mathieu Damour

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