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    2 August 2022

Leagile, méthode entre le lean et l'agile

«Leagile» – a contraction of Lean and Agile – is a combination of two industrial approaches in the collaborative production field.

When an industrial sector is faced with changes that are impossible to foresee, tools and techniques can be used to enhance its agility. Scalian implements «agile» methods – originally used in software development – by transferring them to the production of material goods: a genuine experiment in co-creation. Agile Manufacturing falls within the field of collaborative production. It incorporates these tools in response to the rapid changes in technology, customer demand and more generally dynamic market fluctuations.

Agile production is sometimes seen as the next step after Lean Manufacturing. The term “leagile” production has even been used in reference to the combination of two industrial approaches. Project management is essentially conducted on a huge wall of post-its, known as Kanban. The Kanban board shows all of the tasks required for a project to run smoothly, from marketing to design and including production and financial management.

This approach facilitates the sharing of the product vision, taking a user-centred approach for a rapid response that is tailored to meet customer demand.

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Antoine Delugeau

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