Yvan Chabanne

CEO of Scalian Group

Yvan Chabanne, Doctor in Physics and Material Science from ENSMA, began his career in the aeronautical industry in France and the USA on turbomachine performance for Snecma and General Electric. In 2001, he joined Altran Group where he managed all operations in France until his departure in 2013. While there he headed divisions specialised in embedded systems, IT and energy, and created the Automotive Division in 2007.

Yvan Chabanne joined Eurogiciel Group (€69 million revenue) in late 2014, having built a takeover and development project for the company with the founder, management team and an initial investment partner, EdRIP (Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, now ANDERA). Their goals were to strengthen the Group’s three business specialisations in response to industrial challenges; open up the company to the new technological innovation challenges presented by Big Data and AI; and maintain growth in France and internationally.

Yvan Chabanne drove strong organic growth with the new Executive Committee.

In order to reinforce its digital and management consulting expertise, the team acquired Alyotech in 2016, a specialist in information systems and critical systems, and CMT+ in 2017, a purchasing and management consulting firm. To embody the new era and consolidate its expertise, the Group decided to bring all of its activities together under a new international brand, Scalian, organised into two divisions: Scalian Digital Systems and Scalian Operations Performance. Since 2019, this group has been joined by the Strategy & Transformation division, which unlocks synergies between the business and digital expertise of the other two divisions.

In 2019, when Scalian’s revenue reached nearly €220 million, COBEPA, a new majority financial partner with an international scope joined Scalian’s development project with the ambition of taking the company to €500 million in business by 2024.

In 2020, it forged new alliances with two European companies: (1) with the Spanish company INDIZEN to strengthen expertise in Big Data and AI in the banking sector, and (2) with the German company TAGUERI, which specialises in project management and digital transformation consulting.

With over 32 years of experience, Scalian Group is a recognised specialist in management consulting, digital technologies and transformation.

“Humans and technology to scale up sustainable performance”