Yucca IT Solutions joins Scalian

Yucca IT Solutions, specialist in digital services for major players in the food industry

Le Groupe Scalian

With the acquisition of Yucca IT Solutions, Scalian is pursuing its international expansion in Switzerland, and sector diversification (food, retail…) while adding a Bestshore centre of expertise in India.


Consultancy specialising in digital services, Yucca develops bespoke solutions to support clients in their digital transformation. The company has a hybrid business model with a nerve centre in Switzerland for business and project management, headed by Prakash Rodrigues, General Manager, and a delivery centre managed by Manoj Rodrigues. Yucca works with global clients in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Finland and Israel.

As well as strengthening its international presence, Yucca is enabling the Group to invest in the agri-food sector. Recently, the company was awarded the title of Global Partner for Nestlé.

Yucca is positioned across the entire value chain as a one-stop shop, with an offering ranging from consultancy to the implementation and maintenance of specific systems and tools. Yucca deploys its skills across three main business lines: (i) application development, (ii) application maintenance and (iii) systems integration.

Yucca’s services focus primarily on the development and third-party maintenance of front-end applications (mainly web apps and e-commerce sites). The skills and technological expertise of Yucca staff are widely used in IT development projects (C, Java, PHP). Yucca also provides expertise in cloud environments. The company has 125 employees.

“Yucca’s efficient business model is particularly relevant to the development of our Group, especially in the light of the growing interest expressed by our historic clients in a Best Shore solution, to supplement locally based project teams.”, explains Yvan Chabanne, CEO of Scalian.

With a cultural front office based in Switzerland, close to Scalian, seamlessly interfacing with demanding, international clients and maintaining strict control over quality of implementation, Yucca is the ideal partner to address the Best Shore requirements (skills, responsiveness, pricing) expressed by some of our key clients.

“Scalian is pursuing new ambitions. Through this geographical presence in Switzerland, our Group will be able to address new clients and sectors that are difficult to reach from France, while also taking advantage of the close relationship built up over 15 years with Nestlé. We will also be able to deliver a tangible response to our clients’ needs by leveraging and developing Yucca’s Indian platform,” adds Jean-Charles de Borda, COO France.

This operation is a major step forwards in the development of our Group, which is continuing to grow and to expand its presence as a leading global player with a presence in 11 countries.

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