HR Team joins Scalian

Scalian strengthens its position as a digital specialist with the acquisition of HR Team.

Le Groupe Scalian

Scalian is strengthening its service offer with the acquisition of HR Team, a service company specialising in information systems and digital transformation.

This deal will provide a boost to the Group’s digital technology activities and expertise in France and Europe. Scalian will consolidate pro forma revenues of more than €400M and is on track to exceed its target of €500M by 2023.

HR Team, multi-faceted expertise in digital technologies

HR Team has a strong regional network in France, as well as bases in Brussels and Madrid. The company supports more than 150 clients in five areas of expertise: cybersecurity, cloud, artificial intelligence, change management and software engineering. The two founders of HR Team, Laurent Bronzini and Mickaël Dray, led their company to revenues of €75M in 2021 and expect more than €95M in 2022, solely through organic growth. HR Team’s 850 consultants, 100 managers and its executive team will therefore join Scalian’s Digital Systems (DS) Division in France, while retaining their organisation and clients. Synergies will be created through coordinated business communities and human resources systems, and through the proliferation of offers across fully complementary client portfolios.

« We are delighted to finalise the integration of HR Team into Scalian, a fast-growing European group with real investment opportunities. Together we will be able to roll out projects with a strong commitment to results and continue to accelerate our growth. We will work with the Scalian teams to ensure its success.” explain Laurent Bronzini and Mickaël Dray, the two founders of HR Team.

Growth prospects and a consolidated digital strength for Scalian

The acquisition of HR Team will strengthen Scalian’s position as an expert and specialist in its three core business areas:

  1. Definition of the client transformation strategy (Strategy & Transformation Division);
  2. Performance management and project optimisation (Operations Performance Division);
  3. Creation and deployment of digital solutions for products and systems (Digital Systems Division).

Scalian’s Digital Systems Division in France will now have more than 2200 consultants specialising in digital technologies, covering areas from embedded systems through to information systems, which will bring its revenues to around €220M in France alone.

Thanks to their extended geographical and client coverage, HR Team and Scalian Digital Systems will be able to combine their respective high-growth momentum while developing their positions through results-based projects on a larger scale. This acquisition aims to consolidate Scalian’s position as a key player in the French digital sector. In addition, the offers and expertise of Scalian’s other two divisions – Strategy & Transformation and Operations Performance – will be developed for HR Team’s historical clients, in order to provide them with end-to-end services, from strategy to transformation management, while fully leveraging digital technologies.

This new dimension for Scalian in the French and international digital sectors, both in terms of the diversity of its offer and the large increase in the number of clients and projects, will further enhance the company’s attractiveness and therefore recruitment, and will enable it to offer new career prospects to all employees.

“The acquisition of HR Team comes at a time when Scalian has achieved record growth of €80M (+35%) for the financial year ending June 2022, of which €60M (+27%) was purely organic. With a clear strategy and ambition, and despite the sometimes highly uncertain context, our entrepreneurial DNA has always guided us forward. We are therefore delighted to welcome HR Team, a new partner specialising in digital technologies, whose organic growth performance and winning mentality are comparable to our own.

Our combined strength will give us a large, expanded footprint in the French digital sector, which should soon exceed 3000 consulting engineers, thanks to our ability to address the challenges of all industries where digital technologies are the main drivers of progress. As we are structurally both growth companies, with synergies in our management consulting offers, we will focus on delivering comprehensive, innovative solutions in organisations, systems and processes, cloud, data and cybersecurity. This acquisition will also increase our diversity in terms of sectors, clients, geography and projects, enabling us to offer even more opportunities for our employees’ career development and personal growth. It is an incredible business project, combining human experience and technology, attractive for our employees and recruitment, as well as for our clients and future partners.

By judiciously complementing our organic growth with further strategic M&As, Scalian is on track to exceed its €500M revenue target by 2023. This will enable us to respond to larger international industrial projects and address the major economic, technological, societal and environmental challenges that lie ahead. I am delighted to welcome Laurent Bronzini, Mickaël Dray and their teams as partners in the Scalian project, with a shared ambition and collective mindset.” says Yvan Chabanne, CEO of Scalian.

Synergies in several areas and ambitions for 2024

By 2024, Scalian and HR Team will offer a complete, joint “Digital Systems” offer under the same banner in France, with the aim of increasing the number of consultants to more than 3000 across all business sectors. This dimension will propel Scalian among the largest specialist digital companies, with more than 4500 expert consultants in Europe and North America capable of tackling both embedded systems and information systems and their infrastructure. Over the same period, with its two other specialised divisions, Strategy & Transformation (S&T) and Operations Performance (OP), the Group will have more than €600M in revenues and more than 7000 consultants working on projects with major human and technological challenges.



About HR Team:
HR Team has a strong regional network in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Chambery and Niort), as well as bases in Brussels and Madrid. Founded in 2005, HR Team will have revenues of around €100 million in 2022. The company is organised into five areas of expertise, namely cybersecurity, cloud, artificial intelligence, change management and software engineering, and has 850 consultants.


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