Scalian, a group of specialists

Consultancy in the Field of Engineering & Products

We work on projects for leading companies in the Aerospace, Defense, Security, Energy and Environment sectors

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A comprehensive range of services, from the definition of software/hardware architecture to maintenance in operational condition.

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We work on every type of activity involving the design and simulation of mechanical, thermal, or fluid systems.

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Simulation, Scientific Computing, HPC

40% of our projects are conducted in collaboration with leading scientific partners, such as ONERA, IFREMER and INRIA, who provide additional skills and know-how.We work on projects for leading companies in the Aerospace, Defense, Security, Energy and Environment sectors, such as the French Defence Procurement Directorate (DGA), THALES, NEXTER, VALEO, EDF, CEA, CNES, IRSN, and TOTAL.

An in-house team with dual expertise:

An interdisciplinary integrated team


  • Electromagnetism and radar
  • Passive and active Optronics (visible, IR, EM)
  • Meteorology/Hydrology
  • Acoustics
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Mechanics, Transient dynamics
  • Thermic

Scientific Computing

  • Numerical modelling and simulation
  • Data processing (signal, image, classification…)
  • Image synthesis and virtual reality
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data visualization (2D, 3D, GIS…)
  • Software architecture

Our core products and solutions


SEA-MOTION is a fast and accurate tool to simulate maritime environments from a 3D scene, with multispectral rendering capabilities (Visible, EO, EM).

It can provide a simultaneous simulation of visible, IR and EM sensors based on the same scenario.

It can be interfaced with RADTHERM software from Thermo Analytics for the thermal signature, and with Scalian Alyotech’s MOCEM software for the EM signature.

Versatile, the tool is designed for observation systems optimization, as a training tool for maritime applications, and even as a marketing support tool, for the sale of observation systems.

SEA-MOTION provides operators powerful and modular tools to create rich 3D animated environment: sea surface & coasts, objects (aircrafts, infrastructures…), sea states from 1 to 6 (Beaufort scale), etc.

The tool offers an advanced GUI allowing interactive edition of sea states and weather conditions, real time scenario editing and preview, fast data production, etc.

SEA-MOTION can be adapted on demand to specific needs, integrated to third party 3D simulation, or used by our team to produce your datasets.

SEA-MOTION has been developed since 2007 by Scalian ALlyotech jointly with IFREMER.

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SIMSON is a sonar imagery simulator, combining accurate underwater acoustic propagation modeling, an ergonomic scenario definition interface, and high performance computing thanks to graphic processing unit calculation (GPU).

Sonar imagery is used for military purpose (mine warfare for example), but also for civilian needs (shipwrecks research, immersed structures surveillance, etc.).

Interactive, SIMSON offers the possibility to generate a wide range of sonar images, allowing sonar operators to be trained on objects Detection, Recognition and Identification.

The creation of a database of objects, displayed under different angles, can be used to develop and train new algorithms (object classification or data fusion). As the technical features of the sonar system are used in the calculation, SIMSON can evaluate the sensor’s performance.

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Training simulator for inland navigation

The simulator has been designed to train inland navigation pilots (experienced or novice) on two major French rivers (Rhône and Soane). Fifteen sites, which represent more than 70 km long and known to be difficult to sail have been modeled in 3D.

The simulator offers a 10 meters long cylindrical screen, that allows a 240° visual projected scenery, and provides a modular full-mission bridge set up for up to 5 different types of ships.

The simulator takes into account the specific features of the inland navigation, such as ship’s type and load, cab’s equipment, markings, hydrologic conditions, etc., in order to guarantee a realistic behavior.

The tool has been designed for up to 5 students at the same time. The configuration (time of the day, traffic, weather conditions, etc.), and execution of the exercise are managed by the instructor. He can trigger failures and alarms at any time to assess the student’s behavior.

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MOCEM: SAR images simulation tool

MOCEM is a fast and an accurate tool that simulates radar datasets from a 3D scene. It can help to design, evaluate and optimize sensors in various conditions.

It easily produces large datasets, required to build classifiers used by ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) algorithms.

As a training tool, MOCEM is used by radar operators who have to deal with complex representations of targets and environments, as seen by radar sensors, and help them to train against various well-known scenarios, and mind the link between the real 3D world and the radar representation.

MOCEM also provides a support to radar image analysis and interpretation.

A few of MOCEM’s features:

  • Signature of infrastructures, fixed and mobile targets, within their environment
  • Terrestrial & maritime environments
  • Many simulation options (radar settings, speckle, squint, interferometry, polarisation…)
  • Various outputs (3D scattering centre models, SAR/ISAR images, I/Q raw data)
  • User friendly GUI
  • etc.

The computing engine can be tailored to fit with some specific needs. Scalian ALlyotech also provides on demand data production services.

MOCEM has been developed for 15 years for the French Ministry of Defence and certified by the DGA. MOCEM is a reference tool used by the DGA, ONERA, AIRBUS and NATO.

METANE Software of modelization of underwater leaks

See the video (source France 3 Rennes – Muriel Le Morvan & Christian Polet)

METANE is a decision-aid tool, used to plan, manage and prevent gas, oil, and LNG subsea leaks risks in terms of preparedness and response. It is a physical modelling tool which simulates the behavior of oil and gas accidently released in the marine environment. It takes into account gas dissolution, hydrates formation / decomposition and deals with ultra-high pressure conditions (high deep). The software integrates an innovative high performance 3D graphic toolkit to visualize the fate of the plume in water column.

METANE has also been designed to operate with some supplementary modules, such as atmospheric dispersion models, to deal with a larger set of accidental situations. METANE has been developed by Scalian Alyotech jointly with CEDRE, Ecole des Mines d’Alès, Nymphéa Environnement and GDF Suez. The pre-research phase has been funded by CITEPH, the French private organization for oil and gas industry.

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SKYGEN generates images of cloudy background by numerical simulation. It covers the spectral range of optronics, from thermal infrared to visible.

The tool has been designed for ease of use, and is therefore characterized by simplified parameterization and reasonable execution time.

We also provide on-demand data production services.

SKYGEN has been funded by Sclalian Alyotech, and adapted for the French Ministry of Defence. Its representativeness has been validated by the DGA.

SKYGEN main functionalities:

  • Definition of meteorological conditions
  • Definition of viewing conditions (sensor field of view, spectral domain, geometry,…).
  • 2D stochastic cloud generation
  • Production of illumination maps, images and images sequences
  • Analysis and comparison of generated-sky backgrounds luminance
  • The radiative transfer calculations are based on optimized use of the MODTRAN reference tool.

The typical processing times for the tool are given below (for a standard PC platform):

  • Radiative transfer precomputations for a meteorological situation: from 1 to 30 minutes,
  • Image generation (for cloud patterns): a few seconds.

Embedded Software, Testability, Testing Resources

A range of services spanning from software/equipment definition to maintenance in operational condition

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Test Strategy
  • HW/SW specification
  • Cards design
  • Drivers development (RT multi OS)
  • Embedded software development
  • Automatic code generation
  • Integration in our laboratories
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment repair

A complete range of “test means” products and solutions

  • Integration and test benches
  • Framework and test applications
  • HIL benches
  • Avionic Functions Tests

Design, Calculation & Multiphysics Simulation

We work on every type of activity involving the design and simulation of mechanical, thermal, or fluid systems. Our expertise is built on over 27 years’ experience, strong partnerships with software publishers, a high-level training centre and tried-and-tested customer support services.

Our expertise:

Dimensioning & Mechanical Justification

Nos champs d’études s’étendent aux domaines suivants :

  • Statique
  • Vibratoire
  • Transitoire
  • Linéaire ou non linéaire

Fluid mechanics & fluid-structure interaction

Nos champs d’études s’étendent aux domaines suivants :

  • Écoulements stationnaires ou transitoires
  • Thermique
  • Interaction fluide / structure

Industrial Security

Nos champs d’études s’étendent aux domaines suivants :

  • Analyse sismique
  • Explosions accidentelles
  • Actes de malveillance
  • Rupture / défaillance en fonctionnement


Nos champs d’études s’étendent aux domaines suivants :

  • Crash
  • Chute d’objets
  • Transport d’emballage radioactif
  • Impacts de projectiles

Our Products:


Our Associated Services:

  • Installations
  • Specific and classic training sessions
  • Support, hotline
  • Specific developments
  • Standards and dimensioning of code (ASME, CODAP, RCCM, EUROCODES…)


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