Scalian, a group of specialists

Scalian Eurogiciel

Scalian Eurogiciel is specialised in systems and software engineering. It provides its expertise through two divisions: software and embedded systems through the Systems and Software Engineering (SSE) division and information technologies through the Information Technology Services (ITS) division. The company’s expertise in data exploitation is grouped together in the Big Data Business Unit (DT-SCALE).


Scalian Eurogiciel offers :

We supply high-stakes critical embedded and off-board software dedicated to Aerospace, Defence, Security, Automotive, Railway and Energy activities, and provide Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services.
Our extensive range of COTS modules and innovative solutions enable the development of sophisticated, flexible and scalable compliant, processes and tools, which are based on industrial best practices.


Business Unit

The Big Data DT-SCALE Business Unit works specifically on activities and missions aimed at data valuation. Our expertise essentially covers 5 consultancy activities relating to data: Collection, Architecture, Governance, Extracting value, and Training. DT-SCALE works with customers to redesign the architecture of existing data, to test and implement Big Data projects in order to generate a return on investment as quickly as possible in the project life cycle.


The Information Technology Services division covers 4 fields of expertise, Consulting, Audits, Training and Production, in order to provide its customers with comprehensive support for all their projects by delivering innovative business solutions. The division works in 3 key areas: IS auditing and governance, incorporating innovation into current practice and helping business use their e-connectivity in innovative ways.