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    25 September 2020

Indizen Innovation

Innovation is in the genes of Indizen. Now a part of the Scalian Group, Indizen is continuing to develop promising projects.

The first of these concerns Natural Processing Language. The new algorithms (GPT3, BERT, ELMo, etc.) make it possible to solve problems that were previously considered too complex, such as entity extraction, document classification, text generation or the creation of abstract summaries. Indizen’s AI experts were already using NLP. They are now applying these new, automatic in-depth learning techniques to the digital transformation of their clients in the health and finance sectors. Examples include the automatic coding of reports as clinical labels in the medical sector or, in the finance sector, the use of algorithms such as ELMo to automatically structure and process online conversations between traders and brokers.

Another project concerns cybersecurity: Indizen has set up a cybersecurity business line to address new challenges relating to the IoT and the Cloud. One recent example concerned the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). Indizen was able to provide solutions to identify, monitor and secure medical equipment in hospitals.

Indizen’s Smart Bot is another recent and successful innovation. Increasingly, companies and their clients are communicating through intelligent, multi-channel conversational services. However, the conversational services offered by the main cloud providers are limited in terms of their adaptability and specific uses. Indizen has developed a framework for these intelligent conversational robots, based on internal components and flexible integration through technologies such as Twilio and Azure, GCP and AWS. This framework is designed for on-site or hybrid implementation, facilitating compliance with regulations such as the GDPR. The versatility of this framework has been proven in several client use cases, primarily for the automatic reporting of road accidents.

Indizen is keen to maintain cutting-edge technologies in its services, with particular emphasis on NLP algorithms, and to widen the scope of application of the Conversational Bot to make it a Corporate Bot: innovation in progress.

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