Hector, the digital project-assistant prototype

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    29 July 2022

Hector, le chatbot assistant projet numérique

What if we started delegating certain management activities to a digital assistant? Scalian’s LaB experts have conducted experiments on automating project management activities using a Chatbot, called Hector.

By analysing recurrent, time-consuming, low value-added activities, the research has made it possible to «augment» project management actions using a «chatbot» assistant. The assistant has been designed to interact with a human speaker, and is able to process natural language (NLP).

In the use case analysed, the system has already demonstrated its effectiveness in optimising the management of actions in particular contexts. The prototype automates the tracking and updating of project actions, as well as reminders. New studies are under way to facilitate access to project information and documentation resources: «Who are the stakeholders in the project?» or «Open the project schedule for me!»

There is already tangible added value:

  • 30% increase in productivity on average (project managers, PMOs) concerning the tracking and coordination of actions,
  • and 15% improvement in operational processes thanks to easy access to project information, resources, practices, standards, feedback, etc.

Digitising certain management practices therefore allows managers to assign their time to essential aspects of the project, namely people, and their complex interactions.

chatbot NLP performance
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Antoine Delugeau

Project Performance Service Line Director