Scalian Group continues to expand in Germany with the acquisition of con|energy

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    14 December 2022

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With the support of Scalian, our German subsidiary Tagueri acquired the German company con|energy consult, a subsidiary of the con|energy Group.

con|energy has been providing specialist advice on strategic, economic, political and organisational issues to companies in the energy sector for over 25 years. The company’s expertise particularly focuses on issues related to the energy transition, heating and mobility.

The Scalian Group’s subsidiary Tagueri – specialised in project management for the automotive sector – has extended the scope of its expertise and target markets through the acquisition of a consultancy specialising in the field of energy.

Drawing on the complementary nature of their business lines and market sectors, the merger between conernergy consult and Tagueri will enable us to provide our clients with a comprehensive, professional solution to all their current challenges. As Sebastian Küpper, CEO of Tagueri AG, notes: “Together, we will be even more successful.

The merger between these two companies will create the leading consultancy for issues linked to energy transition and mobility. While con|energy consult primarily advises its clients on energy projects and helps them develop their strategies and business models, Tagueri has the capacity and strength to roll out and scale such projects in practice,” explains Roman Dudenhausen, CEO of con|energy AG.


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