Supply chain design and supervision

Anticipate and visualise risks to the supply chain.

Many of our clients need to be able to anticipate and prevent risks in their supply chains.

In our R&D projects, we work on ways to fundamentally transform supply chain management processes and tools.

As well as anticipation through the massive processing of information related to supplier networks and organisational resilience, the ability to react immediately to disruptive events is also important.

In short

  • Clients

  • Head Office

  • Industry

  • Employees


Our clients’ challenges

The research carried out addresses the following issues:

  • Ability to anticipate events impacting the supply network and determine the best strategy for action
  • Clear visualisation of threats and opportunities to supply chain performance and their potential impacts
  • Ability to partially reorganise the supply chain

What we offer

  • Supplier network management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Engineering of processes and organisations
  • Simulation (discrete events, system dynamics, multi-agent)
  • Data science
  • Data visualisation


IMT Mines Albi and Georgia Institute of Technology have joined forces with Scalian for the SCAN joint laboratory.

If you would like to test an immersive approach to supply chain management in an operational environment, contact us for information on the possibilities for collaboration or partnership.

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Julien Jeany

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