Optimisation of structures and systems

The science of mathematics serving mechanics.

We try to take full advantage of our work to optimise fluid-mechanics systems by operating them in their highest performance states.

Combined with measurements taken by connected objects, the speed of our fluid mechanics algorithms enables us to control the mechanical adjustments of a mechanical system (e.g. wind turbines, aircraft wings, ship foils, etc.) according to the state of its interactions from the fluid in which it is immersed.

Our fields of study include:

  • Performance and durability of wind turbines (mechanical/fluid control)
  • Performance and durability of airfoils (mechanical/fluid control)
  • Composite materials (reducing weight of structures)

In short

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  • Industry

    Aeronautics, energy, ...
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Our clients’ challenges

  • Simulating systems effectively in order to improve their design
  • Increasing the life span of systems
  • Improving the energy performance of systems
  • Assisting in system design

Programme expertise:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Fluid and solid mechanics, fast dynamics
  • Artificial intelligence

Our partners:

INRIA, INRAE, IRMAR, Ifremer (reduced models to reconcile calculation speed and robustness).


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Julien Jeany

Julien Jeany

Operations Performance LAB Director

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Jean-Philippe Gitto

Lab Research Project Manager

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Jean-Frédéric Real

Marketing & Innovation Director