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Systems & Software Engineering

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Aerospace Security
& Defence

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Railway & Air Traffic

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Systems & Software Engineering

Software OEM Authority

Our bespoke solutions for systems and software engineering combine tools, best practices and services to help teams and organisations transform their product and systems development as part of an ongoing engineering capability. We guarantee quality, cost and on-time delivery. Our Delivery Centers in France and India are part of a wide Delivery Network providing services and products at the intersection of business and technology.

Critical Embedded Systems

We ensure safety and security, and comply with the most demanding standards and norms but keep the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ software development process.

System Engineering focused on Function and Architecture

  • Manual Development and Automated Critical Software Generation
  • Software and Hardware Integration
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Certification / Homologation assistance

Scientific, Technical and Industrial Software

Our approach is based on theory development and architecture to proven performance:

  • Real-Time and Parallel Execution
  • Complex Systems and Processes Simulation
  • Industrial Command & Control Automation and Machine Supervision
  • Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligent (C4i) systems
  • Data Capture Sensors and Decision Making Algorithms
  • Man-Machine and Machine-Machine interaction applications
  • Communications and processing

Test Benches & Industrial Tools

We design, operate and provide a wide range of software driven tools and test benches required for high added-value industrial products and complex systems:

  • Test Strategy for Integration & Validation
  • Test Execution, Analysis and Reporting
  • Environment Simulators
  • Device Under Test Automation
  • Equipment Virtualisation solutions
  • Gateways and Systems Interfaces

Aerospace Security & Defence

With a reputation for delivering ‘best-in-class’ solutions to high-profile customers in the aerospace sector, we have provided software services and products for mission-critical systems and interfaces since 1989. We are established as a reliable, proactive and cost-effective partner for customers seeking innovation for their most demanding challenges.

Embedded functions

Development and validation:

  • Inertial Navigation, Cockpit Display, Power Management, Electric Braking, FADEC, Attitude & Orbit Control, Monitoring & Recording, Radio Management, In-Flight Entertainment.
  • Weapons Systems and UCAVs, Missile Guidance, Navigation Units, Radar and Optronic Systems.

Ground Segment Off-Board Software, Simulation Software

Predict, develop and optimise:

  • Air-Traffic Management & Control Systems, supported by our dedicated skill centre and product line.
  • Submarine Control Systems, to include tactical radar simulation , weapons management, periscopes, optronic masts and navigational plotters.
  • Satellite Missions and Flight Test Centres, providing GUI and Data Monitoring & Analysis Tools.

Independent Verification& Validation

We direct V&V phases, Product Certification and Tools qualification to include: V&V strategy, Tests cases implementation, Verification testing, Acceptance testing, Code Review, Worst-Case Execution-Time analysis, Tools development.

Railway & Air Traffic

Our strong domain knowledge in the aerospace sector is now supporting railway and air traffic control fields in the development, V&V and certification of critical embedded systems that meet the most stringent safety standards.

On-Board & Track-Side Signalling

Develop and validate SIL 4 signalling software for:

  • ERTMS & ETCS systems
  • Interlocking, ATC/ATS for High Speed & Main lines
  • Urban lines CBTC

With specific expertise in:
Redundant Architecture design, Host & target integration, Signalling Rules verification, Independent V&V.


Adapting to change

Instrumentation & Control

Nuclear and Wind Power Generation

  • Corrective & Evolutionary development of Command & Control systems
  • Verify & Validate the disciplines and tools for qualification to re-launch and operate systems.

Nuclear Physics Software

Solving and validating Mathematical Models to interface the Science with Software for:

  • Predictive simulation
  • Theory and experiments


Meeting the product Transformation Challenge

Smart Objects & Mobile Apps

Using Agile methodology we pioneer new scenarios for Dynamic Multimedia Content and RSS Feeds in a wide range of smart objects.

Digital TV

Digital TV equipment design, development and validation. Headend equipment for encoding and network supervision.

Interaction Design and User Experience

We design a digital user-friendly interface experience that is intuitive and highly functional.
Focused on maximum effectiveness and easy navigation, the interface can be the difference between product acceptance or rejection by the end-user.

Service Portals

Design and build fully integrated stable platforms to support clients manage disparate professional services applications. Virtually interface any device, any equipment, any data and together – custom built.


Automotive Software & System Engineering

Automotive Software & System Engineering

Our added-value services:

  • Specification and development of Electronic Control Units in accordance with AUTOSAR architecture and ISO26262 functional safety standard – Engine Control, Transmission, Chassis, Active Safety, Passenger comfort
  • Integration of low-level software components and technologies for Communication, Advanced Driver Assistance and Entertainment Systems.