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Scalian Innovation Lab’s work anew recognized by the international research community

The work of the Innovation LAB was the subject of a new publication in the scientific journal Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, recognized by the international research community.

In collaboration with the laboratories INRA and Ifremer, Valentin Resseguier and Gabriel Jouan, respectively doctor and doctoral student CIFRE at LAB Innovation, have published the state of their work in the field of fluid flow simulation.

This state of the art will allow all engineers and researchers who wish to do so, to structure their own research and innovation work. They will be able, for example, to simulate fluid flows, such as air or water, and to couple these simulations with measurements.

By writing this article, the two researchers demonstrate the vitality of the research projects within the Innovation Lab and the lead taken by Scalian in this field, which is finding applications in the aeronautical, naval, wind, oceanographic and meteorological sectors.

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The Scalian Innovation LAB

The primary mission of the Innovation LAB is to identify, initiate and mature the technologies, skills and uses of tomorrow in the service of the performance of the systems and operations of organizations. Its purpose is to reinvent business lines and offers in conjunction with the technical, marketing and sales teams.

The Innovation LAB is the Scalian Group’s incubator where experiments and R&D projects combine medium-term applications and prospective research. The LAB works on topics such as AI Learning Transfer, Agile Quality Specialist, Intelligent UAV Autopilots, Supply Chain Resilience, Human Enhancement Technology, Project Cost Prediction, etc.