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R&D & Innovation

R&D & Innovation

To design autonomous inspection systems, imagine the Agile Factory 4.0 or accompany the digital transformation of an organization, innovation and R&D are more than ever at the heart of the Scalian Group’s strategic challenges.

The programs within our L@b are:

Improving the performance of organizations and their projects by introducing new methodologies and technologies

Examples of work in progress:

  • artificial intelligence at the project management service

Improving the performance of Knowledge Management systems, both in terms of digital techniques for knowledge creation (Big Data), as well as of knowledge dissemination and sharing.

Examples of work in progress:

  • Machine Learning for data analysis in the medical field
  • Tool to help link needs / resources in the context of project management

Improving the performance of intelligent systems, whether they are fully autonomous or include one or several human operators.

Examples of work in progress:

  • Formation of heterogeneous UAVs operating in flotilla
  • Operator adaptative Digital Bubble

Improving the performance of information systems by developing reusable ‘smart blocks’.

Examples of work in progress:

  • Process digitalization via Text Mining approach

Modelling and simulation of geophysical environments for training or systems development?

Examples of work in progress:

  • Modelling of underwater leaks
  • Study of a radiated noise analysis processing chain

The L@b pilots the technological watch, both in terms of practices or market, in line with its programs.

Internally, in parallel with its programs, the L@b runs transversal platforms that allow any engineer to take part in a research topic and thus enhance the experimental ecosystem within the group.

In addition, the L@b works with with industrial and academic partners to carry out its R&D programs that bring together highly targeted research themes.

The L@b spreads concepts, prototypes and skills to the Group’s divisions aiming at the industrialization of products and solutions.