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Project Management Consulting

ETOP International – « Pure player » of Management Consulting

Growing our Clients’ effectiveness is our central concern.
Helping them drive forward and control their projects securely and improve
their projet management processes, methods, tools and operations is key to achieve their goals.

ETOP International offers :


ETOP International proposes several consulting offers to help top management improve their project organisation and increase the overall performance of the project management function in their company.

Organisation Management Effectiveness

  • Increase project management organisation efficiency
  • Improve, organise and harmonise project management practices, methods & tools

Project & Process assessment

  • Evaluate project maturity and project organisation
  • Identify the key relevant changes necessary to guarantee expected project performance

Project recovery

  • Takeover of critical projects
  • Identification and implementation of the key changes required to put the project back on track
  • Drawing up and running a quick-win recovery plan


ETOP International helps companies structures, manages and controls their project portfolios and programs, in order to secure and enhance their businesses and operations.

Project Performance & PMO

  • The historical core business of ETOP International
  • Project Set-up and organisation under the safest possible conditions, including dashboards, KPIs and tool configuration
  • Build up, optimisation and management of PMO organisation
  • Management of subcontractors from sourcing to contracting and delivery phase, in order to monitor their commitments

Financial Efficiency

  • Visibility and control of costs at completion
  • Management of financial objectives and improvement of project profitability
  • Implementation and daily monitoring of Earned Value Management (EVM)

Contract Management

  • Control the contracts from negotiation to closure
  • Anticipate and manage claims opportunities
  • Secure contractual risks


Some areas of project management merit specific treatment because they address different types of techniques.

IT Project Management

  • Implement and operate IT project management for banks, insurance companies or IT departments in Industry
  • Single project or portfolio management
  • Agile transformation management
  • Capability for IT organisation improvement with a dual-purpose strategic and operational PMO
  • Possible access to ETOP International’s sister company (Eurogiciel Engineering) which specialises in IT development and embedded systems

Digital visual Management

  • Establishment of relevant and appropriate key-point indicators (KPIs)
  • Implementation of visual management on projects and portfolios
  • Control room organisation
  • Digitisation of “paper-based” visual management with tactile & software solutions in order to secure, share and energise project coordination

Project management for innovation

ETOP provides a complete set of specific offers dedicated to the management of innovation projects, with the coverage of all the innovative phases:

  • Inno ID® for the emergence of innovative ideas
  • Inno PMO® for the operational management of innovation projects
  • Inno Portfolio® for managing portfolios of innovation projects


ETOP International is very aware of the importance of developing human capabilities and has a wide range of expertise in the field of skills transfer, to enable companies to get the most out of its best valuable asset.

Change Management

  • Adaptation to the constantly changing environment of today’s organisations
  • Anticipating and overcoming resistance
  • Facilitating agility and project acceptance in changing environments


  • Operational support for project managers to develop their strategic, tactical and operational performance
  • Adjustment and customisation of coaching support, and adaptation to predefined technical fields


  • A complete set of training courses:
    > general training in project management: fundamental or advanced
    > specialized training in all project management areas: risk, scheduling, costs, EVM, etc
    > training on project management tools
  • Training sessions customized to meet specific client needs