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Quality & Industrial Performance

Scalian Equert is a consultancy firm that works in the field of quality and industrial performance. It manages quality at every stage of a project: quality assurance of products and processes, industrial performance and supply chain quality, and the transformation of industrial performance for the factory of the future.

Scalian Equert Offer

Business Management Systems
We offer a broad spectrum of services and solutions that focus on improving corporate performance. . ensavoirplus-bleu

Product & Process Quality Assurances We are a leading provider of services in the rapidly evolving engineering & manufacturing process. ensavoirplus-bleu

Industrial Performance & Supply Chain Quality We maximise customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Enterprise Performance
We support the transition to operate the Enterprise of the Future. ensavoirplus-bleu

Business Management Systems

Services and solutions focused on improving performance.

Integrated Management Systems

Guidance on how to integrate multiple ISO or non-ISO management system standards with your existing system.

Social Responsibility Management

Ensure that your processes, procedures, and products are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Environmental Performance

Site/product/service compliance to meet requirements & regulations. Analysis of the environmental impact from ‘cradle to grave’.

Health & Safety Management

Identity, assess and control risks for employees in all workplace operations to minimise injury and illness.

Product & Process Quality Assurance

Leading provider of services in the rapidly evolving engineering & manufacturing process.

Program Quality Assurance

Define & deploy program quality policy across the organisation. Provide vision on process adherence and product quality throughout the product development life cycle.

System & Equipment Quality Assurance

Support systems & equipment development from design to production setting phase. Deliver to customer a quality & safety compliant product.

Software Quality Assurance

Support software development projects, from specification to entry into service and operational phases.
Ensure the delivery of RAMS (Reliable, Available, Maintainable and Safe) software products through a configuration management system.

Industrial Performance & Supply Chain Quality

Maximise customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

New Product & Service Introduction

Select, access and qualify new industrial partners. Mitigate industrial, quality and supply chain risk.

Transfer Of Work

Support, control transfer of activities and technologies. Ensure transferred processes, methods, tools & organisation effectiveness.


Monitoring & Development

Ensure efficiency, lower cost and timely market delivery. Reach and sustain customers’ expectations and satisfaction. Maximise value-added efficiency of the supply-chain and improve its maturity.

Enterprise Performance

Support the transition to operate the Enterprise of the Future. Measuring progress and continually reevaluating opportunities.

Audits, Assessments & Diagnostics

Compliance performance by:

  • Life Cycle Analysis, Management System Audits, Environmental Performance
  • Technical Design, Service Capability, Verification & Validation Maturity
  • Capacity Planning, Industrial Process, Special Processes, Plant Services, Product)

Lean & Maturity Improvement Models

Streamlining work by:

  • Eliminating waste and improving organisation efficiency
  • Implementing maturity model expertise (Lean, Agile, 6SIGMA, Kaizen, APQP, Quality Excellence)

Scalian Equert International Training Centre

Knowledge Management


  • Crisis Management
  • Environmental
  • Industrial Performance
  • Lean Management
  • Norms & Standards
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Open Courses
  • Customised Training
  • Facilitating
  • Coaching
  • Online Training
  • Assessment


  • Simulation
  • Role Play
  • Serious Games
  • Story Telling
  • Case Studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Action Planning