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Purchasing Performance

Drawing on our expertise in operational and strategic purchasing, we assist our customers in establishing their needs, developing their purchasing strategies, conducting calls for tender, negotiating and managing contracts.
We also provide advice and support for improving the performance of procurement processes, optimising and digitising business processes.

Our fields of expertise

Operational Purchasing Solutions for supporting purchasing operations right through to contract management
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Purchasing Organisation and Tools Implementation of purchasing strategies and optimisation and digitisation solutions
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Operational Purchasing

Processing of calls for tenders

Definition of needs and implementation of the tendering strategy from the setting up of the consultation, its launch and facilitation to the conduct of commercial and contractual negotiations and the award of the contract.

Purchase requisition and purchase order processing

Complete support for purchase requisition, order and supply flow tracking processes in accordance with customer requirements, processes and tools.

Contract Management

  • Contract monitoring: organisation and management of contract reviews, monitoring of milestones, monitoring of operational risks, dispute handling.
  • Budget monitoring: negotiation of amendments and additional costs, alert on budgetary risks. Setting up and production of ad-hoc indicators.
  • Monitoring supplier performance: feedback, definition of supplier scoring, alerting and tracking of risks of malfunctions, implementation of corrective actions.

Purchasing Organisation and Tools

Strategic Sourcing

Operational consulting, from the identification of purchasing families and supplier portfolios to be rationalized, to the search for and qualification of suppliers in LCC, USA, EMEA and Asia.

Development of the subcontracting with Sheltered Sector companies

  • Advice and assistance with subcontracting projects with sheltered sectors companies
  • Study of the market players, support of the sheltered sectors companies in their responses to calls for tenders, communication management

Audit of purchasing organizations

  • Identification of purchasing performance levers, buyer maturity level, processes and organization
  • Expenditure analysis, modelling and classification

Consulting & IT Purchase Project Management Support

  • Current and target mapping of the business information system, diagnosis and inventory, optimization recommendations, impact studies
  • Support for the definition, development and deployment of the new business information system
  • Data migration and management
  • Change management