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Purchasing Performance

Drawing on our expertise in operational and strategic purchasing, we assist our customers in establishing their needs, developing their purchasing strategies, conducting calls for tender, negotiating and managing contracts.
We also provide advice and support for improving the performance of procurement processes, optimising and digitising business processes.

Our fields of expertise

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 

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Contract Management


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Business Process Outsourcing

Contract Management 

Outsourcing supplier contract management with a results-driven commitment (SLA). Managing purchasing at European and/or global level.

Purchase Requests and Orders

Outsourcing the processes for purchase requests, orders and supply-chain flow monitoring in accordance with the client’s requirements, processes and tools.

Purchasing Platform

Outsourcing category-C purchases.


Auditing Purchasing Organisations

  • Identifying purchasing performance levers,
  • Analysing expenditure (modelling, supplier classification, Pareto chart, Kraljic matrix),
  • Make or buy decisions,
  • Auditing buyer maturity level, processes and the organisation of the purchasing department.

Purchasing Policy

  • Reviewing and proposing in-house processes,
  • Developing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) approach,
  • Managing supplier panels,
  • Integrating innovation and a sustainable development policy.

Help with defining CSR Policy in Purchasing (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Advising and assisting with subcontracting projects involving the sheltered sector,
  • Local study of market players,
  • Proposing national partners,
  • Assisting companies in the sheltered sector with responses to calls for tender,
  • Communication management.

Managing Calls for Tenders 

  • Defining needs and implementing the tendering strategy,
  • From preparing the consultation, then issuing and coordinating it, through to commercial and contractual negotiations and finally awarding and notifying the contract.


Communication, both internal (finance, projects, marketing, sales) and external (suppliers, clients).


Proposing Automated Purchasing Processes

PA (process automation) and/or RPA (robotic process automation) in order to free up buyers for high value-added activities.

Agile Approach to Purchasing Departments

The LAP® (Lean Agile Procurement) method.

Developing SMIS (Supplier Market Innovative Solutions)

Monitoring the French Tech market, start-ups and suppliers referenced by the client.

R&D with Scalian LAB 

  • Predictability of raw material purchases
  • Blockchain in support of supplier performance.

Contract Management


  • Creating and monitoring standard contracts with legal monitoring tools,
  • Organising and coordinating contract reviews,
  • Tracking milestones,
  • Monitoring operational risks,
  • Handling disputes,
  • Verifying correct application of contracts and communication with all stakeholders

Budget Monitoring

  • Negotiating amendments and additional costs,
  • Budgetary risk alerts,
  • Producing and implementing specific indicators.

Supplier Performance

  • Feedback,
  • Defining supplier rating,
  • Anomaly risk alerts and tracking,
  • Implementing corrective actions,
  • Managing legal and budgetary aspects.


Purchasing Information Systems

  • Helping define, develop and deploy a new business IS (SRM tool),
  • Current and target mapping of business ISs,
  • Diagnosis and review,
  • Optimisation recommendations,
  • Impact assessments

E-proc Solution

Helping implement an e-proc solution linked to the client’s ERP system: consulting, RFQ, testing, data management and solution deployment (change management).

Punch Out Catalogue

Catalogue of goods and/or services giving users direct access to the supplier’s website (possibility of selecting items and validating a shopping cart; the cart data are linked with the client’s own procurement tool). Scalian helps buyers and suppliers with content and technical implementation.

Supplier Conformity Assessment Questionnaire – Digital Version

Depending on priorities, the purchasing department can remotely query its suppliers on specific topics: logistical and/or production capacity, financial situation, cybersecurity policy, etc.

Purchasing Training

Proposing various training courses related to the purchasing profession.