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Project Performance

Our experts specialise in the management of complex projects, and intervene in two complementary areas: managing project performance and improving project organisation.
Management de projet et programme

Project and Programme Management
Methods and tools for assisting decision-making and securing projects and programmes
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Gouvernance opérationnelle

Operational Governance
Supporting the strategic alignment of projects and programmes and the application of best practices
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Project and Programme Management

Project Management – Project Ownership

Implementation of a complete range of project management assistance services:

  • Drafting of specifications and follow-up of their implementation and verification
  • Structuring and operational management of projects
  • Selection and management of suppliers and their supplies
  • Contract management

Project & Program Management Office

Support for a full range of project/program management services:

  • Planning: development of the WBS, monitoring and updating of integrated planning
  • Costs: CBS development, monitoring and budget consolidation
  • EVM (Earned Value Management)
  • Risks: assessment, mitigation, monitoring and support to reviews
  • Reporting: collection and consolidation of information, publication of dashboards, decision support, animation of visual management.

Operational Governance

Portfolio Strategy

  • Implementation of portfolio management processes, tools and practices
  • Strategic alignment: Ensure the reliability of an investment prioritization process in line with the innovation process and business strategy
  • Communication: Definition of decision-making bodies and rules, information and monitoring
  • Decision: Provide and ensure the right information at the right time, in the right place to the right person

Project & Program Management Maturity

  • Implementation of program/project management processes, tools and practices.
  • Coordination: Manage the interactions of the different project actors and offer them visibility. Define synchronization criteria and processes.
  • Management: Plan, monitor, control, update and update all Programs/projects in a consistent manner.
  • Arbitration: Set up relevant indicators and reports.
  • Anticipation: Valuing the anticipatory mode to the reactive mode.