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Industrial Performance

As an expert consultancy firm working in the field of quality and industrial performance, Scalian manages quality at every stage of a project: quality assurance of products and processes, industrial performance and supply chain quality, and the transformation of industrial performance for the factory of the future.
Supply Chain

Industrial Performance and Supply Chain Quality
Assistance in building a robust, mature supply chain for greater competitiveness

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Product & Process Quality Assurance
Turnkey services for maximum quality, from design to manufacturing


Industrial Performance and Supply Chain Quality

Introduction of new products and services

Support in building your Supply Chain:

  • Strategic Choice
  • Selection of suppliers (evaluation of industrial maturity, risk assessment)
  • Qualification of suppliers (qualification of the industrial process, the product, the manufacturing processes)

Transfer of activities

  • Management of activity transfers through the implementation of methods, tools and processes
  • Methodological support for managing the transfer (Structuring project)
  • Technical expertise

Supplier Monitoring & Development

  • Optimisation of your suppliers’ Cost/Quality/Delivery performances.
  • Risk assessment
  • Securing your supply chain in relation to customer developments (e.g. production ramp-up)
  • Development of industrial maturity (capability, capacity)

Supply Chain 4.0

We have developed eSMART, a decision-making and failure anticipation tool for the Supply Chain:

  • Web platform for structuring and centralizing Supply Chain data
  • Digitalization of the Supply Chain (management, management tools, operators)

Product & Process Quality Assurance

Project & Programme Quality Assurance

Advice and support for:

  • The definition and deployment of a quality policy adapted to the industrial stakes of the programme, client needs and applicable requirements.
  • The mitigation of risks and the achievement of product and process compliance throughout the product life-cycle (development, industrialisation and series production).

Quality Assurance of Systems & Equipments

Advice and support for monitoring the development of systems and equipment, from the design phase through to production, aimed at:

  • Ensuring the suitability of the design
  • Securing the industrialisation process
  • Ensuring product qualification and compliance
  • Managing the quality of the product and the process during series production

Software Quality Assurance

Advice and support for:

  • Monitoring software developments, from the specification phase through to the commissioning and operational phases to ensure the delivery of functional, reliable, maintainable, secure and certifiable software products when required.
  • implementing reference systems and software development processes aimed at enhancing organisational maturity.