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Enterprise Performance

A successful company must be both effective and efficient in terms of reaching its objectives. To achieve this, measurements need to be carried out at every level (financial, economic, social, organisational and societal) of the organisation to establish qualitative and quantitative indicators. Scalian draws on its experience to provide a global vision of the company’s operation and processes and enable it to implement rapid, agile transformation.

Management Systems
Solutions and services dedicated to improving performance.

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Process Performance Turnkey services for optimal quality, from design to manufacturing.

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Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

We help you to integrate ISO and non-ISO requirements & standards, and to optimize your existing management system.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We analyse your processes, procedures and products to ensure that they are ethical, sustainable and ecological.

Environmental Performance

We bring your Sites/Products/Services into compliance with the requirements and regulations in force. We conduct environmental impact assessments, which take into account the entire life cycle.

Health and Safety

We support you in identifying, assessing and controlling occupational health and safety risks.

Process Performance

Audits, Assessments & Diagnostics

We support you in aligning and assessing the maturity of your organization / product or process with a normative framework or a collection of best practices:

  • Management systems audits
  • Life Cycle Analysis, environmental performance
  • Assessment of process capacity and capability (Development, Production , Services)
  • Product audits, manufacturing processes

Process optimization

We help you in the:

  • Process mapping and characterization of the perimeters covered and interfaces
  • Facilitation of participatory approaches to identify, characterize, appraise and implement sources and ways of improvement

Lean & Maturity Improvement Models

We support your organization in improving overall performance by implementing robust maturity models (Lean, Agile, 6-SIGMA, Kaizen, APQP, Quality Excellence):

  • Value chain analysis
  • Eliminating waste and improving organisation efficiency
  • Management of transformation plans
  • Change management
  • Coaching of your managers on methods and tools