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Feeling the experience of working at Scalian

Why join us?

Enhancing human potential to fulfil individual and collective ambitions

We have experts in highly specialised fields working throughout France and the world. Every year, a thousand talented new recruits join us. Some 95% of them are engineers. They interact with more than 20 specialist communitiesand centres of excellence, and benefit from more than 1700 training courses per year. They are supported by 150 managers, including more than 100 local managers.

Joining Scalian means signing up for an adventure!

An adventure for anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions and the courage to take risks. A story to be written by enthusiasts of new technologies and innovation. The desire to keep moving forward, to play an active role in your own career development, while being able to constantly challenge yourself. In short, the mindset of an explorer, where the watchwords are curiosity, agility and open-mindedness. An individual and collective adventure that enables you to flourish in a positive environment where people, proximity and team spirit are at the forefront of shared ambition and success.

…and in practical terms?

#asserting your talent

#exploring new challenges

#fulfilling your potential

… so why should you come on board?

Because Scalian is a human-scale group, growing rapidly in France and internationally, which will help you achieve your career and mobility goals.

Because you will be able to enhance your human and professional experience within our three specialist divisions:
Digital Transformation, Digital Systems and Operations Performance.

Because you will be able to satisfy your curiosity, thanks to the L@b and its research projects
(VR, AR, machine learning, AI, drones, simulation, etc.)

Because you can benefit from a business philosophy that promotes learning and knowledge transfer throughout your career.