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Feeling the experience of working at Scalian

Exploring new challenges

Do you have what it takes to be an explorer?

Our commitment: to encourage you to innovate

We work with the mindset of an explorer. The scope of our activities is almost without limit, which means you can take advantage of countless opportunities.

And like any explorer, you are entitled to make mistakes, because we believe that people learn and innovate by daring and trying.

…and in practical terms?

You will be able to:

  • Take part in innovative projects at our clients’ sites or in-house
  • Share experiences, discover our new projects and research topics, via the monthly meetings held by our Innovation Lab
Projets du lab innovation

The Innovation Lab brings together a community of PhDs and research engineers to examine themes such as industrial performance, knowledge synergy, intelligent systems and geophysics & human activity. The lab is open to everyone and enables engineers to contribute to R&D work on an ad hoc basis.

Ecole IMT Albi

Scalian plays an active role in SCAN, one of the industrial laboratories created within the IMT Mines Albi engineering school, with a focus on the field of VR and supply chain research. The IMT has signed a partnership with Georgia Tech ISyE (Industrial and System Engineering) to pool their work within the framework of an International Partner Laboratory.

Innovative solution using AI for the visually impaired

Several innovative projects have been developed by the technical teams. LightHouse is the result of the expertise of a team that has developed a solution to improve the well-being of visually impaired people through artificial intelligence and machine learning.