Configuration Management

The products and services marketed are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex.
Nos experts en gestion de configuration pour vous accompagner dans vos projets complexes

How can you progress from documentation based on fixed reference systems to dynamic information management?

The introduction of new products and services is strategic in all industries.

End clients are looking for customisation and quality at a reasonable cost.

This is where configuration management comes into play by offering business solutions, methodologies and the contribution of digital technology to overcome complexity.


Configuration management according to Scalian

Our approach

We use a common platform to manage a range of products and services, along with their changes. This makes it possible to channel and streamline investments, increase project productivity and reduce production costs.

Our method

Depending on the context of our clients, our experts intervene in the following specialties:

System configuration management

  • Planning (CM process and plan, coordination of activities)
  • Identification (product breakdown structure, selection of articles to be managed, definition of reference configuration)
  • Control (application of change procedures, monitoring of technical events, impact analysis)
  • Recording (management of records and NCs, applicable and applied configuration)
  • Audit (FCA and PCA audits)
  • Tools (automation of CMDB exports)

Software configuration management

  • Planning (SCM process, coordination of service centre activities, SCMP)
  • Organisation (tree structure and spaces, identification of contacts, technical plans and notes)
  • Control (technologies, processes, client organisation, risks)
  • Support (Level 1/2/3, software and methodologies)
  • Assistance (support, training)
  • Tools (automation of SCM processes)
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Cédric Antoine

Cédric Antoine

Testability centre of Excellence Director

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