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Thanks to its expertise in Big Data and cyber-security, Scalian helps its customers protect and extract value from their data. Scalian’s expertise is a genuine means for driving competitiveness, and enables customers to identify useful data in order to optimise decision-making and/or automate an organisation’s business processes with total security. Our expertise covers:


Assistance and expertise in defining and managing the security strategy, as well as in implementing the relevant technical and organisational security measures.

We address all the different aspects of security:

  • Governance of information security
  • Security risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security of programmes and projects
  • Security of operations


We deploy our expertise in various fields:

  • Within organisations and companies, to enable them to protect their data assets in line with their organisational and technical environment.
  • In the field of embedded systems, in order to integrate security requirements from the design phase through to operational implementation, while taking into account the product life cycle
  • In industrial environments, where cyber-security must ensure the protection of the production capacity