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Embedded Systems

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Supervision & Traffic Management

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Test Benches & Industrial Tools

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Autonomous Systems

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Simulation, Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Embedded Systems

Our bespoke solutions for systems and software engineering combine tools, best practices and services to help teams and organisations transform their product and systems development as part of an ongoing engineering capability. We guarantee quality, cost and on-time delivery. Our Delivery Centers in France and Spain are part of a wide Delivery Network providing services and products at the intersection of business and technology.

Critical Embedded Systems

We ensure safety and security, and comply with the most demanding standards and norms but keep the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ software development process.

With a reputation for delivering the best services and solutions to our key account customers, we have been providing many software products and services for highly critical systems and interfaces since 1989. We have proven our reliability and efficiency to customers looking for innovative solutions for their most demanding challenges.

  • Functional and technical definitions
  • Architecture and development
  • Unit tests and systems
  • Integration, Verification and Validation

Communicating Embedded Software

Engineering of application layers and low level of communicating systems and connected objects
(M2M, IoT…):

  • Prototyping (microprocessor, microcontroller)
  • Architecture and system integration
  • Development, integration, validation, industrialization

Operator Stations & Cockpits

We develop solutions based on the most advanced HMI and user interaction technologies:

  • Aggregation of connected, communicating, intelligent, open, scalable and reactive objects

On-board Multimedia

Our expertise in embedded systems also applies to the following areas:

  • Digital TV
  • Encoder, decoder,
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
  • Miracast/Wifi Display

Supervision & Traffic Management

With a real know-how around complex air traffic and rail signalling systems, we have developed specific supervision solutions for our customers in France and abroad.

Development and support of complex signalling & supervision systems

Design, development, integration and support:

  • Data processing
  • HMI
  • Sûreté de fonctionnement
  • Operational safety
  • Third Party Application Maintenance (TPAM), Maintenance in operational condition (MCO)
  • Training and deployment
  • Products (licenses and customer support)
  • SCADA systems (CC)
  • Security systems (Access control / Intrusion detection / Fire / CCTV / SONO)

Air Traffic Control – Air Traffic Management

  • Air traffic control centres
  • Flight plan and radar data processing
  • Safety nets
  • Simulation products
  • Interconnection gateway type products

Air Defence

  • Command centres, military air traffic control
  • Civil/military coordination systems
  • Simulators

Rail transport (urban and main lines)

  • Signalling systems (ATP / PAI)
  • Control systems for automated lines control
  • Supervision systems (PCC, ATS) and SCADA
  • CBTC
  • Conventional signalling, ERTMS
  • Software and critical equipment on board and on the ground (SIL4)
  • Big data
  • Operating Support Systems (OSS)

Our products

  • AirSpace | Gestion espace aérien, simulation, tests NRG…
  • AFEP | Outil générique de transmission de données et de conversion de protocoles

Nos centres de service

  • Centre de service pour les Centres de contrôle Européens (plan de vol, radar, safetynets)
  • Centre de service ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) multi-projets

Test Benches & Industrial Tools

We design, develop and distribute a wide range of software tools and test instruments essential for the integration and validation of complex industrial systems.

Integration and test benches

Development, maintenance and adaptation of specific or generic HW/SW testing and integration resources.

Test frameworks and applications

  • Design and management of test application development environments, aimed at verifying the operation of an electronic assembly or computer.
  • Development of test software on our benches or on third party benches

MIL-SIL-HIL benches and environments

  • Development of HIL benches based on custom or COTS solutions to meet the real-time constraints of complex systems
  • Specification and design in the form of models integrating customer requirements
  • Simulation verification (MIL), generated code verification (SIL) and integrated system verification (HIL)

Our products

  • SCALIAN generic test bench | Generic platform for testing equipment safely and quickly
  • SWING | Remote bench interconnection and synchronization system
  • SCALIAN avionics products | Product line dedicated to avionics systems

Autonomous Systems

Complete control of the value chain, covering the needs analysis, simulation of environments, production of land-based, airborne or marine autonomous vehicles, integration of embedded intelligence, test systems, on-site deployment, and analysis of the data collected. Our solutions cover the following areas:


  • Hardware and software security and reliability
  • Interface and data protection


  • On-board vehicle intelligence and decision-making systems
  • Planning and supervision of driverless operations


  • Multi-drone cooperation
  • Distributed intelligence

Our products

  • AIRMES | Fleet of cooperative heterogeneous drones
  • LONG-EYE | Combination of a drone and an operations vehicle
  • SARI | Real-time flood-risk early-warning system

Simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Over many years, Scalian has developped extensive expertise in the field of simulation. Consequently, we can not only provide our customers with support regarding the use of the software packages available on the market, but also design specific made-to-measure products. In order to respond to new uses, Scalian develops solutions combining its in-house expertise with virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Study simulator

A range of environment-simulation products, solutions and services for sizing, designing and developing surveillance and observation systems. These environment-simulation tools can also be used for training purposes or learning how to manage complex systems.

Our products:

  • SEAMOTION : marine-scene simulator for sizing and designing maritime surveillance systems
  • MOCEM : radar signature simulator for DRI algorithm development
  • SIMSON : sonar simulator for improving submarine imaging systems

Training simulator

  • Implementation of the latest virtual reality technologies for the purposes of communication, training, operational preparations, virtual tours, etc.
  • Integration of technical modules that improve real-time rendering

Systems for on-site training and support

  • Development of comprehensive training and support systems based on augmented reality, natural user interfaces and mobile access to information and assistance.

Multiphysics Simulation 

We work on every type of activity involving the design and simulation of mechanical, thermal, or fluid systems. Our expertise is built on over 27 years’ experience, strong partnerships with software publishers, a high-level training centre and tried-and-tested customer support services.

Industrial Security | design and dimensioning of systems and subsystems:

  • Earthquake, explosion, crash, impact, etc.
  • Falling objects, effect of weapons, protection structures

Other industrial fields | carrying out studies, calculations and numerical simulations:

  • Mechanics, thermal, thermomechanics
  • Vibratory, transient, random dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics, fatigue

Our products:

  • SIMULIA (Dassault Systèmes products)
  • Moldex3D